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With our services your home feels like brand new

We offer unique interior and exterior doors and other decoration finishes for residential
and commercial spaces that exudes character and class as standard to fit just about
every design passion whether its urban, modern, classical, minimalist decorative and
fashion forward.

What we do

A design catered to your needs wherever you live

Accentik Decoration focuses on manufacture and supply of decorative elements meant to elevate and introduce design cues that add architectural drama and elegance to any space. Our commitment and focus is to provide high quality decoration materials that add spirited architectural influence and artistic sophistication in various materials. This can be utilized to create stand alone feature walls or a more subtle and subdued atmosphere to elegance and refinement throughout the home or commercial facility. We are dedicated to the highest quality of product and believe that an Accentik Offering can showcase who you are and serve as an inviting entry or conversation piece to any space.  Our offerings perfectly fit in with any aesthetic or requirements to adorn any space. We believe that luxury and character should not be compromised.

Perfect finish

We ensure all Accentik offerings pass strict inspection to make sure each pieces is with excellent quality. We aim to bring that internet look to you so that finding the perfect options to adorn your new home or remodel becomes satisfactory and fulfilling.

Organic Materials

We ensure and select high-performance, environmental friendly raw material to ensure demonstrated uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products to the customers we service.


Technical expertise is available at all stages of the specification .At Accentik we also recognize key skills are needed to install doors and decoration products  correctly and, as such, we can offer assistance on the latest techniques to help installers.

Bespoke tailored products upon request

Doors and other decorative finishes can add value and prominence to your property. At Accentik Products can be designed and specified in partnership with you in order to meet your bespoke requirements, Custom individuality too met specific choice tastes and preferences. Make it yours in Every Way!

why we do it

We’ve been there

As a homeowner we know the challenges of finding the right decoration materials and finishes locally. Fueled by the popularity of HGTV, Pinterest and other decoration blogs. We know how many downloaded images, screenshots and saved pages of what you want you dream home or space to look like. So You find what you want but often get frustrated that what you want is not available unless you plan to break your bank to and spend large and unnecessary sums of money to import it to achieve that desired finish. As a consequence your dreams are dashed and you end up settling for something less satisfactory you’re your heart and vision desires.

We want to bring innovation

All of our suppliers incorporate continuous research and use and top class technology in each decoration field. Continuing product development and an exhaustive performance testing program enable us to offer a wide scope of certified products. With a growing capacity to deliver, whatever the requirement for decoration projects. Accentik  decoration aims to be underlined by the extensive product portfolio.


What they say

New Home Owner

I was able to find a modem and unique style to complete the look of my new home. High Quality Great Service 

Existing Home Owner

With my remodel I was able to find the perfect  dog bed for my bonus room , where my dog now resides. Love the variety and quality of the comfy sacs. I just need to get one for myself now.

Would you like access all the latest designs and stay up to date with our new arrivals and upcoming discounts? 

Contact Information

Find us here: 36 Saldenah Terrace
Southern Main Road
Trinidad and Tobago

Email:  accentikdecor@gmail.com

Phone: +18687904744